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A few factors parents consider a Swim lesson


Safety concerns as the student school curriculum requires them to learn Swimming. Normally schools provide 1 instructor: 10 students per class. Quality and safety of class can be a concern. Hence parents would rather their kids be swim-ready rather than attend basic learning in school. Can be a huge discouraging experience when others can do it but yours is the odd one out. The school will only provide Swimming lessons for a quarter period for a calendar year. We are working on muscle memory. Just imagine the school academic calendar is the same, everyone will flunk their results.


Be a passionate Swim Coach just like us! It gives us job satisfaction when our students from Zero to Hero. From Day 1, we advocate character building and values to all our students from our Swimming lessons.


DSA(Direct School Admission), probably will be more applicable to local school students. The local secondary schools can use Swimming as the pathway to gain a place in the school if their not high performer in their academic results. Swimming does push their chances higher and gain a place in the popular school. Swim Monkey always achieves its mission for all our students.


Competitive Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Triathlon Swimming, Life Guard and Water Polo. The above mention sports fall into the DSA(Direct School Admission) and CCA(Co-curriculum Activity) for school advancement entry gaining. We will cover all achieve that if the students show interest and potential.
Stroke correction, yes you might have to go through the Basic learning or as a competitive swimmer. However, you just couldn’t break through the timing and briskly elegant technique. Let us do the power lifting for you.

We Understand Your Concern

Are you afraid of the water? Do you worry about safety and the possibility of sinking? We understand your concerns.Safety is our priority. Our certified coaches are trained to create a secure and nurturing atmosphere for your child's swim lessons. Rest assured, they are in good hands with us.

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Patience And Experienced Coaches

Our experienced instructors specialize in providing top-notch  swimming lessons. With a focus on safety and fun, your child will learn valuable swimming skills in a supportive environment.

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Discover Our Tailored Programs

At Swim Monkey Swim School, we believe in a personalized approach to teaching. Each child progresses at their own pace, ensuring that they receive the attention and guidance they need to succeed. Join us today and take the first step toward your swimming success!

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My Son started with Swim Monkey when he was 4+ years. While he was afraid of water before, his coaches (especially Coach Ross and Coach Zane) has been very supportive to guide him and bring him to a stage where now he's learning and progressing confidently within few months. Every week he eagerly waits for the swimming session to start. Coaches have been very good and friendly with kids, patiently attending to them and knows the techniques to keep the attention of the kids during the lessons. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Swim Monkey school to any parent who is looking for a convenient, professional and flexible swimming class for their children.

I had an exceptional experience learning to swim with Coach Ross. His dedication to teaching is truly commendable. He was flexible and accommodating, adjusting class times to fit my schedule. As an adult learner, I found the process challenging, but Coach Ross helped me overcome my initial hesitation. Thanks to his patient and effective instruction, I am now confident in my swimming abilities. I highly recommend Coach Ross to anyone looking to learn or improve their swimming skills, regardless of age or experience level.

My 2 children are under the coaching with Keith since last July. Keith has his ways of handling playful kid and also those who were not very willing to put their heads into the water (yes like my 2 kids).

After a few lessons, my children gained confidence in the water and they progress steadily and enjoyed every lesson!

Thanks for the coaching and patience with the 2 monkeys!

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Kids Triathlon Event Singapore

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