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Swim-Monkey Classes

SWIM-MONKEY Swim classes cater a individuals which progresses to group classes. Enable learners to keep practicing the skills and challenge on another.

Puts the FUN swim class in Swim Monkey, we nurture your children to grow up happily and actively.

Let's make our sweat smells of chlorine

Swimming lessons for 6 months to 4 years old

Baby & Toddler Swim Class

baby and toddler swim class, baby private class, kid swim lesson

Swimming lessons for 5 years old and above

kid group swimming class, kid swim lesson, adult swim class, learn to swim

Learn To Swim Class

Advanced/Intermediate Swim Class

Swimming lessons for 6 years old and above

Open water swim class, kid open water swim class, kids swimming lesson, condo swim coach

For regular Triathlon participant or your  first ever Triathlon

Open Water Swim Class

Competitive Swim Class

For those would like to be swimmer fitness and have competitive mindset swimmers.

competitive Swim class, group swim lesson, swim class, condo swim class

Swimming lessons for someone we care

Special needs swimming class, condo swimming class, condo swim coach

Special Needs Swim Class

Stroke Enhancement/

Correction Class

stroke enhancement and correction, kids stroke correction, condo swim coach

Stroke enhancement is for all level

of swimmers

Stroke Enhancement/

Correction Class

Stroke enhancement swim class, kids swimming lesson, swim lesson, swiming class

Swimming lessons for only female


Ladies Only Swim Class

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