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Building Water Confidence

Learn To Swim Class

Age 5 and above, if still not picking up swimming. Don't get left out as most sports activities require Swim skills. Looking at a kid confidently jump into the pool and start swimming or thread water. Wouldn't you be more at ease and proud of?

Standing by the pool and envying other kids able to swim from point to point. Get the ball rolling and we do the rest for you to get even the most water phobia kid will be swimming gracefully in the water with Swim Monkey.

The Octopus series is an exciting series of 3 progressive awards specifically designed for children aged between 5 to 8 years old. This enables older children to access the Learn to Swim pathways and develop their confidence, knowledge, and skills. The best way to achieve this is to create safe environments in which children can be introduced to the water while having fun and provide a progressive learn-to-swim program that is both challenging and rewarding. On completion of the Octopus series, learners can progress through the Learn to Swim journey and move on to the
Goldfish, Angelfish, and Shark series. A child’s first learning-to-swim experience is one of the most important in terms of capturing and retaining their interest.

swim monkey learn to swim class
kid learn to swim class at condo, kid swimming lesson with condo coach


This program is designed to be the next stage for swimmers who have progressed through either the STANLEY First Steps Series or Octopus Series. The Goldfish series is an exciting series of 3 progressive awards expanding on skills in a fun, progressive, challenging, and rewarding way.On completion of this series, swimmers will be able to swim 15 meters without any aid as well as perform basic floats.



Once swimmers have completed the Goldfish Series they can progress to the Angelfish Series. On completion of the 3 progressive awards in this series, swimmers will be capable of swimming 25 meters without aid, performing butterfly strokes as well as mastering sculling techniques and entries to the water.


SHARK SeriesOn completion of the Angelfish Series, learners progress to the Shark Series. This series educates learners in basic water rescue and survival techniques as well as starts and turns for each of the strokes. On completion of the series, learners will be able to swim 100 meters. Swim-Monkey does believe in the step-by-step progressive build-up for Swimming. Strong fundamentals are our core business. You look good and we look good.

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