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Lessons Catered
for All Ages

Swim Monkey Swim School is a professional swimming school that provides swimming lessons and swimming instruction for all ages and abilities. The Swim School offers a wide range of swimming lessons and swimming instruction, including beginner, intermediate, advanced, and competitive swimming. The Swim School also offers a variety of swimming-related activities and classes, such as water safety, open water swim and competitive swimming.


Building water confidence

Let's make our sweat smells of chlorine

Swim Monkey Classes

Private & Group Swimming classes for All Age 

Swimming lessons for 6 months to 4 years old

Baby & Toddler Swim Class

baby & toddles swim class,

Swimming lessons for 5 years old and above

where to find Kid swimming lesson and adult lesson. best coach

Kids Swim Class

Advanced/Intermediate Swim Class

Swimming lessons for 6 years old and above

Open water swim class.jpg

For regular Triathlon participant or your  first ever Triathlon

Open Water Swim Class

Competitive Swim Class

For those would like to be swimmer fitness and have competitive mindset swimmers.

competitive Swim training.jpg

Swimming lessons for someone we care

Special needs swim class at Swim Monkey Swim School in orchard, Pasir Ris, Katong, Paya Lebar in Singapore

Special Needs Swim Class

Stroke Enhancement/

Correction Class

stroke enhancement/correction swim class

Stroke enhancement is for all level

of swimmers

Stroke Enhancement/

Correction Class

Swimming lessons for only female


ladies only swim class

Ladies Only Swim Class

Kids group swimming class

When Breathing is a privilege 

Why is Swimming Important for Everyone at All Ages?



Swimming is a life skill, and knowing how to swim can gear you up for any dangerous situation for yourself and others when in water, be it on a boat, fishing trip, or even relaxing in the pool with your loved ones.

nearest swimming lesson

Health and Wellbeing

Swimming is the most efficient and effective form of cardio exercise as it engages your entire body muscle and increases your metabolism rate. It is recommended as a physiotherapy exercise as it takes the pressure off your joints when moving. It is injury lite or free exercise if the technique is spot on.

Kid swimming lesson, best swim school, condo swim lesson

Opens the Doors for Other Activities

Swimming enables individuals to improve essential skills such as balance, posture, coordination, and concentration. It also greatly helps in developing fine and gross motor skills early. This could greatly benefit individuals in concentrating on other tasks such as staying focused in class or at work. 

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